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October 23, 2021

Winter Hours - Haven won't hibernate

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The Haven Hostel is gearing up for another cold season - which we'll admit, we're kind of stoked about. Thunder Bay and the North Shore offer tons of activities for the outdoorsy and for the homebodies amongst us.


To start off, our winter hours are

Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 8pm

Friday and Saturday from 12pm-10pm.


We know... nothing too crazy but this means from today until the spring, we have more time to spend with our amazing guests passing through as well as our lovely friends of the hostel. Although not everyone is fond of the harsh subzero temperatures, we find all the ways to stay cozy from board games, to movie and craft nights, to cooking competitions, long naps, puppy snuggles and the occasional bar hop.

Naturally, we won't forget about those keen to stay and wander the region. You're sure to find a nature buddy to venture off with and even then, it's unlikely you'll make it to every site of the city... or shall we give it our best shot?

Thunder Bay is known for its parks and hiking trails. You don't have to be a champion of winter sport in order to go out and create your own adventure. The Haven is located in downtown Port Arthur which is steps away from the Marina and the easiest way to see the Sleeping Giant. If you're up for it, drive around the bay to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park to hike the Giant itself or to wander the 100km of trails the park has to offer.

If you're down to see something a little closer, check out the Wayfinder Trail App, created by a Thunder Bay local to help you discover the iconic trails and the hidden gems of the city and surrounding area.

Now, we've talked about staying in and we've given you the best free option for going out. But what about the *real* activities around here, you ask? Well... let us highlight some for you:

  • Skiing at Loch Lomond or Mount Baldy
  • Ice Climbing with Outdoor Skills and Thrills Inc.
  • Ice Fishing through outfitters such as Sugar Shacks Ice Hut Rentals
  • Dogsledding with Boreal Journey Sled Dog Kennel
  • Discover Fort William Historical Park
  • Tour the Sleeping Giant Brewing Company
  • Take a guided food tour around the city
  • Recharge at Afloat Wellness
  • and so many more local events and activities

By now you get the gist - Thunder Bay is home to many extraordinary places and we want to send you out to explore them all, then come back to the Haven and tell us about your adventures or leave your mark with your story on our walls for years to come.

See you soon!

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