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A Gathering of The Great Lake Surfers – Waasaashkaa

October 6, 2018

Did you know you could surf on the greatest fresh water lake on the planet, Lake Superior? You definitely can a few times a year… but it is this season we are currently in when the gales start to form and the waves start to curl.

We are proud of our northern outdoor adventure activities that are like none other. We play in the coldest water, rock climb the coldest rock, bike the muddiest trails, fish until our fingers go numb, and even ice race on dirt bikes in -30 degrees. We take advantage of our plus 30 summers, but as we slowly bundle up on the onslaught of colder temperatures, there is no lack of creativity and adrenaline in our fall and winter.

So it is no surprise that great friends of ours, and surfers from all over the north shore arrive in Terrace bay over the next two weekends to suit up in their flashbomb wetsuits with a minimum 5 mm layer. Guaranteed the Pacific Ocean is warmer. Those who have beards can often be seen in magazines with inches of solid icicles forming throughout and yet, their smiles can be seen for a 100 m offshore.

Photo by Richard Main

Tough as nails.

Bring a SUP, bring a shorty, bring a hot chocolate. Either way this gathering just east of Thunder Bay is one not to be missed . Check the links below for a great article by The Walleye and Facebook event details.



Thanks to our friend Andrea Wray for creating a stellar poster again this year for this amazing annual event. Contact her @andreawray on facebook should her marketing genius spark your interest.


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