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COVID-19 Status Update: Keeping students safe

We have always and will continue to stand behind our name as a Haven for international and national travelers, sports teams, wedding parties, church groups, and international students, to name a few. Now we are facing a time where we must be patient, respect quieter times, and focus on keeping each other healthy.

We are humbled that we have been able to make many pivots during our start-up – one of the great things about our world’s small businesses – flexibility and community support.

This winter we opened our doors to international students from across the globe to allow an inclusive and safe home in a time where our city schooling system is expanding and our student housing is limited.

Today, here we stand in the midst of a worldwide Pandemic where international travel has come to a halt;  where students cannot leave, they cannot return home, and among most others – have lost their jobs.

In light of this we have decided to remain a home for our current students until at least, Canada Day, July 1, 2020.  We hope once we reach this day we can celebrate our nation and all that we have done for one another. We will also celebrate those who are residing here from other countries to which we have the privilege of keeping safe and healthy so their families can be at ease.

As the Haven has been 100% run by volunteers since September 2019 – we do not match the criteria for current federal funding that is available. However, we want to help ensure our students are happy and their transition is as easy as possible with little to worry about when the time comes. Please see the link below to our GoFundMe page that has been set-up for 14 international students currently residing at The Haven Hostel. 100% of the proceeds will go towards assisting them. Please visit for more information.

We would also like to put the word out for:

1. Two industrial or residential fridges. Looking for donations, a loaner until times ease up, or a good recommendation. With a full house of students, our main fridge is on its final days. In our main kitchen-area we can fit a depth of 25-32 inches, and 27-30 inches wide. Otherwise we have other wall space. Any help is appreciated.

2. Dining Room table and chairs

3.  BBQ

Visit our website news section to keep up with our evolution as we try to #flattenthecurve

We are all in this together! Any help is appreciated.


THANK YOU! The Haven Hostel and Friends


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