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They are coming…

December 27, 2018

December 27, 2018. Where did the time go? As I sit here going through eight hours of Digital Main Street Video tutorial for a much needed marketing grant, the video on blogging really struck a chord and I will be blogging much more frequently.

Somehow in this slower season we are extreme busy bodies trying to get all the behind the scenes legwork done to attract winter clientele, get ready for next spring and summer, and currently… impatiently awaiting the arrival of an onslaught of international students now that Christmas has passed, and our forever loved first guests of March 2018, The Nakkertok Developmental Ski Team from Ottawa and Gatineau area. They are gracing us with their presence again this January 2019 for 4 days and we couldn’t be more excited. These types of groups bring such amazing vibes to our hostel and really flushes out how great and functional a communal space can be; should you choose to be in it! Otherwise the book nooks and crannies, private bunks or gorgeous private rooms will do you just fine as well.

As the new fall students flushed our city in September we were the first accommodation many had had in Canada as they were searching for their permanent residences. We had so much fun at the meet and greet at the Lakehead University Student Fair.

Our kitchen provided some students first ever time to learn cooking!

Seeing students learning about a region and about themselves in a totally different country with different customs is special.

Being new this year we really were not expecting a tonne of students barging through our doors in September! But alas, the schools had their eye on us and all of a sudden we were the students most recommended accommodation for them to come to Canada and get comfortable in the city, before finding a permanent home. Thanks to Lakehead University and Confederation we had great company this fall from all over the world.

The writings on our wall tell a story from the students and their first experiences in Thunder Bay. Many saying, “Thank you for being our first home away from home”.

We had to laugh, and also take great pride, in directing some of the students through the creation of their very first omelettes. With these little stepping stones spawned a great conversation with the heads of the Student Unions. In the New Year the schools will organize a couple cooking classes to showcase some true northern Canadian dishes and techniques that seem so different and strange to some, and intriguing and beautiful to others.

As the students start to check -in we have our work cut-out for us as we are definitely here to help them find the best resources to find permanent accommodation, guide them through the bus routes, and give them tips and tricks in keeping warm and having fun as this new recruitment happens to be mid-winter! When I say work cut-out, it is not difficult by any means, but this time we have the skiers coming full throttle right behind them to which we must also prep in all the excitement.

We are so stoked for our repeat FIRST EVER guests and seeing their reaction of our progression and how the building has slowly built more character, become more organized, and we like to think… have worked out most of the kinks since last March. Our biggest critics are coming, but I think The Boss Lady Goldendoodle will do all the work making their stay a puppy cuddle pile extravaganza.

Girls from the Nakkertok Race Team Soaking up all the Sun last March at Lappe Nordic.

This leads right into the middle of hockey season mayhem and other upcoming local ski, curl, bowl, wedding, fiesta, and St.Paddy’s type events. We can accommodate your entourage no matter the size for any activity you, your family, team, or company are partaking in this winter. Let’s get the party started. But first, lets get through New Years. Book at to receive one of our many discounts!

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