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Covid Updates and Spring Sale!

April 17, 2022

Covid-19 and staying with us

The people are moving! How exciting. We are seeing our numbers populate more than ever this spring and summer. We are so excited to see and hear of people's new adventures and loosen up a little bit. BUT! We are still being cautious. As a hostel we have a unique setting that can be very private or as social as you like it to be. We have been running so safe and at a reduced occupancy for two years! Now that things are opening up here is our stance and we would appreciate having your attention so we can contunue to be an incredible experience for all.


For the most up to date information on province wide and regional COVID-19 status please go to


These are no longer required by the Minister of health in select locations. However, in our communal areas we are politely asking that you still wear yours as we navigate this sensitive situation. We have staff that are immunocompromised - should one of us succumb to Covid-19 we have a very strict protocol. Since we are not a cookie cutter business and guidelines are more than unique for us, during that period we would have to deny entry to new guests and shut down our booking system. Tough?! YES! Lets avoid that the best we can - and rock the sh** out of 2022 <3


Private rooms and family rooms still completely private 🙂 We are still enjoying our large spacious communal spaces and making amendments for more and more visitors to come. What we are changing, is our temporary two-bed dormitories. These are now going back up to four. YAY! Some normalcy. You can still keep your distance the best as you can, and we will still be sanitizing our washrooms regularly. However, if you are still not comfortable in a shared dormitory that is OK! Simply book a private room or a family room. As usual, any questions or concerns please call ahead and we will be more than happy to help and inform everyone on our current standards. 


Team Haven: Pain in everyone's butt

Getting ready for summer means new Merch!

But first - we must open up some space! Go to our Merch Shop and enjoy 15% off of everythign right now! Free deliveries in town and $20 dollar flat fee nationally. Can also come by and say Hi! We miss you

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