International Women's Day is our 6th Anniversary! - The Haven Hostel

International Women’s Day is our 6th Anniversary!

March 8, 2024

That is CORRECT! March 8th, 2024 marks exactly 6 years since we opened our doors to our first ever guests whom happened to be a group of 30 skiers from Ottawa and Gatineau.

That day marked nearly the end of a 9 month renovation period that encompassed many tears, arguements, laughs, hugs, takeout food and development of new friends. The list goes on.

What we didnt know then is that we would face a global pandemic, learn how to become financial snipers, invite new entrepreneurs to share our space and property, become more relaxed, develop a client base, and become mentors for others facing similar challenges! We are always learning and we don't think it will ever end. Evolution is constantly happening and everything is in a state flux. More challenges will come. We'll be ready for them.

It takes a village! And a village we have! Cheers to ALL of our family who have been here for the long haul. Our crew is... irreplaceable.

For today and everyday, cheers to our female management team, and all female staff who have come and gone and graced us with your presence - you crazy felions!

Happy International Women's Day!

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