Utilizing COVID-19 Down-time to blow your mind! - The Haven Hostel

Utilizing COVID-19 Down-time to blow your mind!

December 7, 2020

Our Approach

Due to the ever changing status of COVID-19 in our region and afar we have decided to tweak a few things for our booking processes.

1.    Online bookings will be limited to private & family room bookings. All individual dorm bookings until January 15th, 2021 will now only be by phone so we can execute stronger screening protocols and only allow one person or small groups in our dorms.

2.       The Haven Hostel Building Rentals can also be booked directly through us by email or phone. Full Building Rentals are where it is at!  YOU GET THE WHOLE HOSTEL TO YOURSELF! To get the best deal, you need a minimum 5 people at $100 dollars per person. But it gets better. You can have as many people as COVID regional status will let you with a cap at 26 people, and any amount of people over 10... is ON US! Amazing. Check out our website to inquire and get all the details


3. Any guest booked in for an ice climbing or snowshoeing adventure with Outdoor Skills and Thrills can contact us directly for individual dorm inquiries. You get a 10% discount at both The Haven Hostel and a Tour with Outdoor Skills and Thrills when you stay and play with us

Check  it out: https://thehavenhostel.tempurl.host/adventure-packages/

Stay tuned for more info. We will announce to the world when we decide to come back fully online - Don't you worry!

In the meantime, while things are a bit slower we have decided to utilize some valuable assistance we have been awarded to utilize this new model and take some time and do what we do best - Renovate and enhance your experience behind the scenes <3 You are going to love the upgrades, always a work in progress 😉 

Our Story

This spring with all of the insanity of the world, we followed suit in adapting our protocols to be the safest accommodation you can imagine! Being a hostel, we knew we had to let people know everything we have done in order to maintain safe quadrants for everyone. Surprisingly, it wasnt that hard to teach inquisitive guests how we are managing and making sure they were leaving with nothing but a positive experience.

Outdoor seating area and firepit, room adjustments, sanitization stations, reception sneeze guards, FLO Codes for screening, intercom contactless screening and bookings.... whew. Lots of things have happened! Good thing we love being little elves in our not so little workshop, something that we are blessed to have, and more importantly... to have creative friends and family.

With our unique room configurations that range from your hotel style meets bohemian private rooms, to family rooms with 4 or 6 bunks beds, to communal style bunk rooms that we adjusted to run at 50% occupancy... we're happy to report we had one of our best seasons to date. When we say best, we don't necessarily mean occupancy numbers, we mean experience. Having a little more wiggle room in our space, allowed us to focus even MORE on sharing our secrets of what our city and surrounding outdoor mecca have to offer. We're so thankful to be a part of so many peoples journeys who took these beautiful seasons to go exploring in our region and at home.

NOW, it is December. Things are a little scary out there and times are a little quieter. So, is there room for even more improvement? GLAD YOU ASKED! Here is what we are now up to for at least  the next month.

Electronic Doors

Thanks to our Local Security geniuses at Bay Lock and Security all of our interior doors will be electonically coded from our reception desktop with your personal door code that no one will ever know but you. Say hello to the future of hostel security. No cards or keys to lose, EVER. 

contactless reception

We were always able to be contactless, but NOW we are incorporating some futuristic awesomeness. Our intercom will now have video, we will be able to open and close our secure door in a super sci fi manner, and will be completely reconfiguring our reception to be the most unique and safe set-up you ever did see! We promise. 

New merchandise

With doors 90% shut, it is more important than ever to get creative and support local. So, we have ordered an entire new line of merchandise to catapult our branding into the universe. Stay tuned in this next week for the launch of our online store with hats, crew necks, t-shirts, mugs, stickers and so much more! Check our instagram for swag updates and photos. DM us for in town delivery!

Private Everything

Every single room type we have can be rented out privately! You do not need to share with another until you are comfortable. See our room configurations under Accommodations. Keep checking back for updates, and make sure you give our private hostel rental a go. You can't be the price, you can't beat the privacy.

Meet the Team Who are making all the things happen

We are a stronger than ever little family working around the clock to bring you your personalized Haven Hostel Experience. This building, and our community mean the world to us. While the world hibernates a little harder, we will continue working in our magic little bubble to bring you the goods. Stay tuned. Give us a call, a message, an email, a shoutout.... we're happy to discuss - IT's WHAT WE DO!

hostel accommodation manager boss thunder bay ontario covid-19 hotel motel


Founder and coffee fiend

The one behind the computer and always running around like a mad woman! Mother to the boss lady on-site golden doodle, and team mate of the best Haven team a woman could ask for.



Master builder and mentor

Our in-house inspiration, the glue that keeps us all smiling and aiming to do better every... single...day. A jack of all trades and master of many! A rare find that found us and is here to stay for as long as we can keep him. You can find him in our work shop, behind reception winning everyone over with incredible stories, or... at the groggy toad coffee shop.

hostel accommodation manager boss thunder bay ontario covid-19 hotel motel


Head Fungineer

The friendliest face you ever did see that welcomes you on arrival. The one and only Yasmin - Head receptionist. Guests have written her name non-stop on reviews, and our wall of fame. Because? She is unforgettable, informative, and best of all.... fun! You cannot leave our establishment without the ring of her laugh in your mind and the experience of a life time in tow.



Extraordinary adventurer and travel addict

Kelsey does it all! She is here with us learning carpentry (want a customized crib board?!), assisting with marketing and reception duties, and maybe most importantly, The Boss Lady's new best friend. She keeps us fed, makes us laugh, and has the inside of our mansion always feeling warm, and keeping everyone informed. We dont know what we would do without her <3


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